About Secret


Semarang Early Childhood Research and Education Talks (SECRET) is the biennial conference held by the Department of Early Childhood Teacher Education, Faculty of Education, Semarang State University. Its name is taken from the city of Semarang, the capital of Central Java Province, which is also the home of Semarang State University. SECRET aims as an open learning space for early childhood practitioners, educators, and teachers, researchers and academics as well as Policy-makers to share their knowledge, research and practices. SECRET programs include seminar, workshop, parallel paper presentations, childcare/school visits (tentative) and cultural performance. 

This year, SECRET`s main topic is Growing up digitally: Early childhood education and the digitized world. This topic embraces both prospects and challenges, opportunities and risks, optimism and skepticism that thus very new world - digitized world - brings to us-parents, teachers, researchers, activists, policy-makers in the field of early childhood education. SECRET 2018 intends to provide a forum to share, investigate, and rethink our knowledge, belief, and not least (mis-)understanding of this new world and to ensure that it is the same better and safer world we envision for our children.