Article Submission

Paper submission

  • Paper submission deadline: 30 April 2016
  • Accepted paper announcement: 31 April 2016


  • Final date for submission of registration form: 30 April 2016

Topics for Parallel Presentation

As for the last one, the 2014 SECRET will be held in the form of seminar, parallel presentations, and workshop. The following are the conference sub-topics :

  1. Policy Issues in Early Childhood Care & Education
  2. Child Development
  3. Early Childhood Teacher Education & Professional Development
  4. Curriculum in Early Childhood Education
  5. Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Science
  6. Play, Games and Learning in Early Childhood
  7. Inclusion and Children with Special Needs
  8. Health and Nutrition, Parenting Education
  9. Action Research

All plenary sessions will be conducted in English.